Meet Your Coach

Hello! My name is Jeremy Ruben. Welcome to 80/20 Dance, an organization dedicated to spreading interest of Country, Swing, and club styles of dance to the Pace and Milton area and beyond. To best understand 80/20 Dance, you should learn my personal story of dance and how it continues to shape the way I serve our community today. Please read on, watch my videos, and learn more about me. Perhaps by doing so I can influence you to start your dance journey... because if I can do it, so can YOU!




How dance changed my life.

I started my dance journey early in 2011 at the age of thirty-three. Newly divorced and suffering extreme culture shock as a former Los Angeles resident acclimating to the small town of Dothan, AL, the pursuit of dance was nothing more than an attempt to meet new people in a town where I knew nobody. Up to this point, I was a confident individual, but during this difficult season of my life, I was anything but. Terribly insecure about learning to dance, I almost quit several times for different reasons. Watch this video to learn how a depressed, insecure version of myself used dance to positively alter the course of my life in a way that allows me today to help others do the same.




More than teaching dance.

Teaching dance steps is just a small part of what a good dance instructor does. Fostering a strong dance program, or better yet, a dance community, takes leadership. The social element offered by a dance community is unparalleled by any other activity. Nothing compares! An activity with such a social dynamic requires consistent and effective leadership. Watch the video here to learn how I created scores of committed dance enthusiasts throughout the Gulf Coast Region through my "Servant Leadership" phylosophy.

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A jack of all trades is a master of none.

Any dance instructor worth their salt has obtained a strong grasp of most genres of dance. I have trained extensively in Ballroom, Latin, Country Western, and Swing styles, but my heart belongs to West Coast Swing and the various Country Western styles of dance. Why do I favor these styles? Why do I choose to compete on the West Coast Swing and Country circuits and not others? Why have I spent so many hours learning and developing the most effective methods of teaching these styles? Watch the video here to find out why I love these styles and why I believe you will love them too! 

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Personal development should never end. Competition inspires me to always improve.

I love competition! Actively participating in both West Coast Swing and Country Western competition dance circuits, my constant pursuit to be a winning competitive dancer takes me to the top coaches in my craft. I feel if I am not learning, I am dying... so my training never ends! Both as a competitor and an instructor, I am always investing in my own development. Competition has always given me a way to set goals and measure my progress as a dancer. Watch this video to learn more about why I feel competitive dancing is the best way to become a great dancer.

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