Class Schedule

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Plan September Dancing!

Whether you join us for a weekly series, or simply drop in to one of our super popular line dance classes, it’s good to plan ahead!

If you’d like to make things easy, sign up in advance. Feel free to contact us at 850-400-4644.



Class Series

All Foundations Series classes are approximately 90 minutes long.


Drop-ins are only allowed on class 1 of a WCSwing Foundation 1 Series for new students. Once a student completes the entire series once, drop-ins are allowed any time. Drop-ins are allowed in Foundation 2 level and above at any time. Drop-ins for 90-minute Foundations series are $20… Sign up for the entire series and save $20!


Workshops are standalone classes purchased on a drop-in basis. They can vary in length, format, and instructor. Some workshops skill-based and cater to dancers of a particular experience level and skill. Be sure to get details of any workshop before registering.

Evaluations for Advancement

You are expected to complete each Foundation Series three times before being eligible to evaluate to advance to the next level. Evaluations are mandatory and essential for maintaining the integrity of our system of progression… They are the cornerstone of what makes our dancers the most skilled in the region!

Class Registration

We ask that, whenever possible, you register for your series in advance, allowing us to plan accordingly for class sizes, and leader:follower ratios.

Syllabus Cards

Students are responsible for pulling their own Syllabus Cards each class and placing them on the wall. Syllabus Cards are how we track attendance and progression. If you forget to pull your card, you risk not getting credit for the class towards evaluation and progression.


No partner required to attend classes unless otherwise announced. Partners are only required for exhibitions and competitions, not for learning. Dancing with a variety of partners best prepares you for dancing socially, while dancing exclusively with one person will greatly hinder your ability to learn at a comfortable rate.

Dance Shoes

Dance shoes are highly recommended, however, if you are a new student and do not have dance shoes, please wear comfortable shoes that will not slip off your feet and will slide on the floor. Like any physical activity, proper footwear is essential. 80/20 Dance sells high quality dance shoes for men and women. We can size you up in the studio and order your shoes to be delivered to your home, typically within a week.

Social Dancing

Social dancing occurs when dancers gather to dance together in a social setting. It can happen at our studio, at public venues, recreation centers, and event halls. There are various social dance opportunities throughout the region each month. 80/20 Dance will start having weekly social dances every Thursday evening starting in June of 2019. Most social dances require a cover charge for admissions to pay for overhead and staff. Cover charges typically range from $5 to $10/person. Social dancing is a critical element of developing as a dancer and we highly recommend you participate regularly!