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I had my first lesson with Jeremy a couple of weeks ago at the studio on 30A. I have wanted to take West Coast Swing lessons for years. I have had ballroom instruction, but they treat this dance as more of a stepchild, therefore after eight years of dance, I still know very little about this exciting style. I am so excited to finely meet an instructor that knows and can teach all facets of West Coast Swing as well as the Nightclub 2-Step. These two dances can be taken to clubs, unlike most ballroom, which is all the more reason to learn them. I am thrilled that Dance 30A is here!
— Karen Leak - Destin, FL
Jeremy Ruben is a wonderful dance instructor who makes learning fun and easy. The classes at 30A are filled with a great group of people both single and married. If you’ve always wanted to learn WCS, 2-Step or other country dances the right way, then you must come and take his 6-week series for under $70 pp.
— Sherry Jo Neville - Crestview. FL