Road to All Star - Charlotte Westie Fest Recap

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Charlotte Westie Fest definitely delivered! This was one of the most smoothly run events I have ever attended. I look forward to attending again next year and hope to encourage many dancers from our community to do the same.

One aspect that stood out most was the positive energy in the ballroom throughout the competitions. It was wonderful to dance with an audience cheering with so much enthusiasm! The hotel, while rather small for an event with such strong attendance, was comfortable and located near plenty of shopping and restaurants. I would suspect they will have to soon find a larger venue if their goal is to continue to grow. If there were any downside to this event, it would be the drive from the hotel and the lack of comfortable seating in the ballroom. However, I think this is a good problem to have to face for event directors who have managed such amazing growth in such a short amount of time. Bravo to Rick, Cindy, Gary, and all the other people involved in making this event a huge success!

I loved that all rounds of Jack & Jill’s were held on Saturday rather than dragging finals out to Sunday. This makes it easy to pick a night to stay up super late for social dancing without the fear of being completely exhausted for finals the next day. Scoring was SUPER fast! They posted call backs quicker than any event I have ever seen. Perhaps there’s something to be said for using those expensive tablets the judges were toting around all weekend. Whatever system they used, it worked!

I thoroughly enjoyed my Jack & Jill experience. I drew 6 different followers in Prelims and a wonder follower for finals. They were all fabulous! Yes, I made finals! My streak continues! And while I didn’t place top 5 as hoped, I walked away knowing more about myself as a dancer and have developed what I feel to be a solid game plan moving forward. If you want to know more about my experience at Charlotte Westie Fest, take a look at the video provided here.

I am super proud of three of my students who decided to compete for their very first time, and another who attended her first Westie event! Three of these four students have only been dancing a few months. Kimberly, Carol and Tessa, I am so proud of you for courageously stepping on the dance floor as competitors! With competition brings many opportunities for growth, and ultimately, we learn so much about ourselves in the process. We experience successes and failures. Interestingly enough, I have learned more from my failures than from my successes. So, regardless of where the judges placed you, you should be proud of the fact that you have done what relatively few dancers in your community have chosen to do, and that makes you winners from my perspective! I know it can be overwhelming as a brand new dancer to take part in an event like this when you might feel like you are the least experienced dancer in the ballroom, but I can assure you, we ALL have felt it, and it doesn’t take long to feel comfortable as long as you keep at it!

Did I mention Tessa made finals and finished 2nd Place? What an accomplishment! Congrats to Tessa! I am so very proud of you!

I would not have been able to attend this event without my sponsors. I wanted to say “Thank You” to each and every one of you for helping me pursue my dream. This event was 75% funded by sponsors, which got me there and allowed me to compete. The only aspect I missed out on was being able to take a private lesson with one of the staff pros. I hope my trip to MadJam in less than a month will allow me to do so. Please consider offering your support as I strive to become an All Star WCSwing competitor by visiting the Sponsorship page. Thank you for your support!

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