Foundation Series

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It is always important to create a strong foundation with any style of dance, but with some styles, that foundation should be more robust so as to not risk derailing progress in later stages of development.

It is for those styles that we created our Foundation Series of classes designed to build an unbreakable foundation from which to launch you towards your greatest potential!

What makes our Foundation Series special


Our Foundation Series were designed to help you develop the best foundation to build upon, but that requires you to STICK WITH IT. That is why we have priced these series at only $60/person. With the tools we offer in our classes in an environment optimized for fast learning, this is the very best value you can find in the dance industry!

90-Minute Classes

Unlike most classes you find which last one hour or less, our Foundation Series take you through 5 elements of learning over the process of an hour-and-a-half… enough time to learn new skills and RETAIN them! No more feeling like you are starting over each week!

Proprietary Methods

80/20 Dance founder, Jeremy Ruben, has spent thousands of hours over the last five years designing, testing, tweaking, and implementing methods that get astounding results. We have worked with top professionals in the dance industry, as well as experts in Pilates, yoga, and various specialized fitness programs to develop a methodology that creates results. We have methods and tools you will find nowhere else!


With our Competency over Completion system (or COC), our program holds students accountable to developing the proper skills before moving to the next level. Our system tracks what students have learned and what they need to learn in order to move on to the next level. Our evaluation process ensures you are set up for success before moving on to higher levels of instruction. When you move to the next level, you can rest assured that you earned it just like everybody else, allowing everybody to progress at a steady rate.


If you follow through with our COC system as recommended, not only will you become a top dancer in the region, but you will also earn free classes FOREVER! It is during these free classes where true mastery begins. Join us to learn more about how our COC system will earn you free classes forever!