All the most common questions answered by our founder, Jeremy Ruben, through his video blog. Check back often as videos are added frequently. Answers to these questions coming soon!

Do I need a partner to learn how to dance partnered styles of dance?

Why do I need dance shoes?

What is social dancing and why should I do it?

How to I progress to classes that teacher higher levels of difficulty?

What styles of dance should I learn?

What is proper dance attire?

What is Country Western dancing?

Do I have to dance the “traditional” role of leader/follower?

Where can I go to socially enjoy the dance skills I work so hard to develop?

Why do we rotate partners in group classes? Do I have to do it?

What is the difference between a Foundations Series and Standard Series classes at 80/20 Dance?

Can I take private lessons with another student?

How do I prepare to dance at my upcoming wedding?

How do dance competitions work?

Being primarily a social dancer, is learning choreography beneficial to me?

I want to learn to dance, but my significant other does not. What should I do?

Why dance goals are ______. Are private lessons for me?

Why is West Coast Swing such a popular style of dance?

Is it ok to turn someone down when they ask me to dance?